Schedule an Escort Service to Transport Important Items throughout Florida

Transporting important information or assets can make you a target. Fortunately, our escort services will help you monitor your belongings to keep unauthorized people away. We know that your operations are important and leaking information is highly dangerous. At Force Protection Security, we treat every case with utmost secrecy to safely reach your destination in Florida.

Transport Important Belongings

We Keep Unauthorized People Away

Our escort service company will monitor specific controlled areas and keep them clear from unauthorized personnel. We’ll ensure you provide us with a list of cleared people to get in and out of the exclusive areas. If you want to guarantee everyone’s safety, we can also inspect all the materials and persons who enter the facility. Rest assured that we’ll keep an accurate accounting of anyone who enters or leaves the property.

Your Assets Will Be Safe

We Adhere to Strict Safety Procedures and Protocols

Rely on our escort service if you want to move large sums of cash, jewelry, diamonds, or important legal documentation throughout the state of Florida. We are trained to think fast and know how to react in emergencies. Our staff holds close communication with each other to report potential breaches and keep the perimeter safe.

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