Uncover the Truth by Teaming up With a Private Investigator Florida

If you suspect someone is after you or planning something that could affect your integrity, you can rely on a private investigator to find all the information you need. Our Florida licensed crew based out of Coconut Creek, FL, can find out what that suspicious person is up to. We are prepared to conduct surveillance and follow every lead!

Make Informed Decisions

We Can Find All the Available Information

Our investigative services are tailored to every particular situation. Our detectives have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military and know how to obtain useful information. We are qualified to find legal, financial, or personal information, interviewing people, and performing background checks. After an extensive research process, we’ll compile our findings and hand in a detailed report.

Examine and Analyze Your Report

We Are a Meticulous Private Investigator Company

A private investigator will help you uncover the truth or find out if your hunch was right. We can see if one of your employees is breaking company policies or that someone isn’t committing unlawful acts. At Force Protection Security, we have also received requests to see if spouses are being unfaithful. Reach out to us today!

Our Full Range of Services

Keep your home, belongings, and family safe.

Residential Complex Protection

Protect your business's reputation and assets.

Commercial Complex Protection

Go outside without feeling threatened.

Bodyguard Protection

Transport important objects or documents.

Escorting Personnel

Learn all you can before making decisions.


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