A Certified Security Guard Will Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Being a residential security guard is no joke; the job involves keeping hundreds of residents safe and happy at all times. This takes great effort, and care and our team at Force Protection Security will go above and beyond to accomplish this. Based out of Coconut Creek, FL, we have been serving the whole state of Florida for 18 years and our happy clients are always ready to back us up. Protect your assets and add more value to your property with our help.

Live Peacefully

Our Home Security Services Will Discourage Crimes

Issues can arise during any time of the day, and our security company is prepared to jump into action even if it’s the middle of the night. We’ll patrol the entire neighborhood, sub-division, or apartment complex. The best part about our outstanding service is that we’ll help you reduce crimes, keep current tenants happy, attract new tenants, and protect your investment.

Work With an Experienced Home Security Company

We Are Here 24/7

Live peacefully and let us worry about your surroundings. Counting on a security guard will allow you to focus on your daily activities. At Force Protection Security, we train every day to provide armed or unarmed security services in Florida. We’ll assist you whenever you need so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Full Range of Services

Keep your home, belongings, and family safe.

Residential Complex Protection

Protect your business's reputation and assets.

Commercial Complex Protection

Go outside without feeling threatened.

Bodyguard Protection

Transport important objects or documents.

Escorting Personnel

Learn all you can before making decisions.


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